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ReportsMaestro - Web report and chart builder

ReportsMaestro builds highly customizable, real-time charts and reports in just a few minutes. Select from multiple chart and report types and create and share your own interactive dashboards on the web.

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Version 1.4 (June 2014)What's new in this version

Report settings


Web Reports Builder offers a large selection of highly customizable, real-time data-driven reports that take just a few minutes to build. You can build the reports for your audience or let your users create their own by simply choosing the data sources, columns, groups and sort criteria. Web Reports Builder offers a broad range of output options such as MS Word and MS Excel.

Charts: financial, pie, bar, gauge, area, line


Similar to Web Reports Builder, Web Charts Builder easily allows you to transform any type of data into dynamic, color-rich, interactive web charts. You can select from 15+ professionally designed chart types and styles, from basic Line Charts to highly animated 3D Diagrams. The Web Charts Builder has a friendly and intuitive interface designed for both beginners and advanced users with no coding required.

Report Query builder

Query builder

Query Builder helps you display database data proper way. You can join tables, apply filters, group and sort data. You can also view raw SQL query and preview results.

Security settings


You can define the user permissions and choose which data sources to expose. It is very helpful in larger organizations where departments create their own reports based on the data sources provided by the IT team. Each web report or chart can be defined as public or private where you can further set the permissions to configure who gets the read and write access.

How to transform your data into interactive dashboards with ReportsMaestro



  • Supports a variety of database. Installs on any ASP or PHP-enabled web server
  • Generates reports based on a table or query
  • Generates multi-table reports
  • Unlimited number of reports of charts
  • Manage users and user access permissions
  • Private/public charts and reports
  • Ability to export report data to Word and Excel
  • Multiple grouping levels and intervals
  • Multiple report layouts and chart types
  • Supports custom headers and footers
  • Includes visual report style editor - customize your reports
  • Print/export current or all pages
  • Takes five minutes to install on your server


  • Realtime access to your key data from anywhere in the world
  • Improved decision making and performance management
  • On-demand data analisys

Web server requirements

PHP version

  • Web server (IIS 5.0 or later, Apache, any other PHP-enabled web server)
  • PHP 4 (4.3.0 or better) or PHP 5.x (recommended).

ASP version

  • Internet Information Server 5.0 or later


Supported databases

  • MySQL 4.1.0 or better, MySQL 5.x
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MS Access (Windows-based Web servers only)
  • Firebird
  • SQLite