ReportsMaestro - changes history

Version 1.4 - June 2014

  • Added cross-tab reports
  • Added new color schemes
  • Upgrade instructions from version 1.31 or older

    - unzip all files from installation package to the same directory

    - run install.php (install.asp for ASP version), enter admin password and proceed

    - modify config.php (config.asp for ASP version) manually adding color scheme definition. Examples of style definitions can be found in config-sample.php file.

Version 1.31 - October 2011

  • Updated charting component to support iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Version 1.3 - October 2010

  • Custom SQL queries support
  • Regional settings support (date formats, currencies etc)

Version 1.2 - June 2010

  • New chart types: accumulation, gauge, bubble, financial
  • Charts/reports preview
  • Ability to set permissions for Guest users
  • Charts support unlimited number of series
  • New databases support: SQLite, Firebird


If you upgrading from version 1.1 unzip and upload all files except config.php to the same folder where version 1.1 was installed. If you plan to use SQLite or Firebird or doing a fresh install unzip and upload all files. More info

Version 1.1 - May 2010

  • Supported databases: MySQL, Microsoft Access, Postgre, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle
  • Generates reports based on a table or query
  • Generates multi-table reports
  • Unlimited number of reports of charts
  • Users access permissions management
  • Private/public charts and reports
  • Report export to Word and Excel
  • Multiple report grouping levels and intervals
  • Multiple report layouts and chart types
  • Custom headers and footers
  • Visual report style editor - customize your reports
  • Print/export current or all pages