Using ReportsMaestro
Working with report/chart builder
Creating web report
Creating web chart
Adding header and footer
Changing visual style
Custom SQL
Chart types
List of chart types
Accumulation chart
Area chart
Bubble chart
Column/Bar charts
Combined chart
Financial OHLC/Candlestick charts
Gauge chart
Line/Spline/Step-Line charts
Pie/Doughnut charts

Welcome to ReportsMaestro manual


ReportsMaestro is the web report/chart builder that allows you to create and manage reports and charts in the web browser. ReportsMaestro supports the following databases: MS Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server. ReportsMaestro is available in ASP and PHP version.


Web Reports Builder offers a large selection of highly customizable, real-time data-driven reports that take just a few minutes to build. You can build the reports for your audience or let your users create their own by simply choosing the data sources, columns, groups and sort criteria. Web Reports Builder offers a broad range of output options such as MS Word and MS Excel.

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Similar to Web Reports Builder, Web Charts Builder easily allows you to transform any type of data into dynamic, color-rich, interactive web charts. You can select from 15+ professionally designed chart types and styles, from basic Line Charts to highly animated 3D Diagrams. The Web Charts Builder has a friendly and intuitive interface designed for both beginners and advanced users with no coding required.

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Query Builder

Query Builder helps you display database data proper way. You can join tables, apply filters, group and sort data. You can also view raw SQL query and preview results. Admin user can create custom SQL queries that later may be used by other users as a datasource for reports and charts.




Each web report or chart can be defined as public or private where you can further set the permissions to configure who gets the read and write access.


Color Schemes and Style Editor

You can change a visual style of your web reports and charts by choosing from several color schemes. Style Editor helps you choose the font settings and background colors to make your reports and charts looked like the way you want.



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