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Working with report/chart builder
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Working with report/chart builder


To start working with the web report and chart builder, go to the in browser and login. If you login as Guest, you will be able to see charts and reports allowed you to view but not be able to create new ones.

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You can view, edit or delete charts and reports if the permissions allow you to do so. Also you can create new chart or new report.

While viewing a report or chart you can narrow the finding using Advanced search. While viewing a report you can also print the current page or the whole report, open a report as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel document.

Example of Web report:


Example of Web chart:


A user with admin permissions can set table and custom SQL queries permissions (select tables/SQL queries to be available for a user for creating web reports and charts) using the Admin page button.

yellowbulbNote: if new table is added to a database, admin should go to the Admin page and select this table to make it available to users.


A user with admin permissions can Add/Edit/Delete user accounts using the Users list button.


A user with admin permissions can create/edit/delete custom SQL queries using the Custom SQL button. For more information, read the Custom SQL article.




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